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Our Research 


Centering Belonging 

We are interested in using design as a tool to address challenges that we as human face.

How might we practice Design, with a big d, in ways that supports lived experience as expert research, rises up marginalized narratives, and supports collaborative wild dreaming?


Exploring Positionality 

As a team our identity lays at the intersection of other and design. Through exploration we use methods from the humanities and storytelling to deepen our understanding of our positionality and that of those around us.

How might we deepen our understanding of humanity through uncovering histories and exploring narratives not often told? 


Matter and Space

We are Designers, with a big d, who practice design in theory, and in practicum in the physical and digital realms. We like to create and create some more.

How might we refine our craft through the act of making?

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